“God In Me…”

04.29.09 9 years ago 27 Comments

Let’s play a game of “Finish This Line”

Lyrics In Question: “When it come to money, she can be a hero/ she can write them check with a whole lotta zeros/ but what you don’t know is when she get home/ and get behind closed doors man she hit the floor/ and what you can’t see is she on her knees and if you ask her she’ll tell you…”

Choose the correct answer from the choices below.

A. “I’m a muhfuckin G”
B. “I love man-meat”
C. “It’s the God in me.”

Correct answer is C, good folks. If you got that wrong, then you probably have underestimated how far Pop Gospel has fallen to the depths of hellbound ignorance. This song, “God In Me,” features heavy snares, a melody ripped straight from “Blame It” and, of course, Auto-Tune.

And don’t forget the Kanye West and Fonzworth Bentley (or Bentley Fonzworth? I forget) cameos. Because I’m sure Jesus sounded like Yeezy on “Robocop” when he spoke through the Burning Bush.

I bet Kirk Franklin is somewhere shaking his head that this is taking the genre to a new low. Here’s to hoping Bebe and Cici double-smack Mary Mary with Good Books next time they cross paths.

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