Let’s Talk About Ma$e’s New Single, “Nothing”

05.05.14 3 years ago 14 Comments

Thoughts in regards to “Nothing,” a new song from American Hip-Hop artist Ma$e.

1. Ma$e just dropped new a track. In 2014.

2. Ma$e just dropped a new track in 2014.

3. DJ Mustard Nic Nac, the producer behind Chris Brown’s “Loyal,” definitely did his best in producing the most radio grab-by radio grab ever.

4. Eric Bellinger, ladies and gentlemen. You can’t really say that he lacks in talent, but the bubble gum hook paired with the cotton candy beat are just over-saturation. Like when you add too much lemonade mix to the water pitcher.

5. Rapping in praise of the independent woman, Ma$e sounds feisty, especially on verse two.

6. Is this too much attention to be giving a Ma$e track? Am I over-thinking things? Be honest.

7. Remember when “Breathe, Stretch, Shake” came out*, and it kind of felt like when your dad dances to a radio song in front of your friends, but minus the self-aware hilarity? This seems like that times infinity. Ma$e is trying to appeal to the youngest, easiest yet lowest denominator.

Not that internet smartasses need more ammunition, but while Ma$e is out making (probably) more money than he was before his second revival (“Nothing” is a precusor to Now We Even, the Harlem rapper’s first album since 2004’s Welcome Back.), we’re bound to be treated to some solid memes. Everybody wins!

* – Guilty pleasure song, for sure.

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