Masta Killa Don’t Want No Beef!

01.20.09 9 years ago 18 Comments

Words By Jesse H.

I nearly pissed myself laughing when I first saw this print ad in XXL a few years back. The look on his face. The way he’s pointing at the plate. Masta Killa surely guaranteed himself a small exhibit at the Unintentional Comedy Museum that ought to be built somewhere in Canada (Mundy, can you get on that?). This is how I imagine the photoshoot went down:

Photographer: “Sorry MK, but we’ve only got one picture left on this film, so how bout you just get in a pose you’re comfortable with, point at the food and we’ll snap the picture in one take?”

Masta Killa: “(Confused) Ummm, so you want me to point at this food, God? (CLICK)”

All: “Shit.”

But there’s more. After actually going to the Peta site, I discovered that a behind the scenes video actually exists, carefully edited & available for the masses.

A few questions, if I may be so bold:

— How in the FUCK did this hookup happen? Seriously, how slim must the middle be in the Venn Diagram of Wu Tang fans and PETA sympathizers?

— Did anyone that was involved in the process of making this ad campaign happen think of the high levels of irony involved in having a rapper who calls himself “Masta Killa” speaking AGAINST cruelty to animals?

— Lastly, is there anything less intimidating then standing over that plate of veggies in a beige bandana, talking about how childhood was rough because you were FORCED to eat meat? Is there a more effective way to brutally butcher your street credibility? It’s like the antithesis of Alfamega.

The only way this level of misappropriation of Hip-Hop in a commercial environment could ever be topped is if Jay and Dame got back together, actually decided to manufacture Roca Pads and then got a resurrected 2Pac to be the spokesman.

Masta Killa Says, ‘Go Veg for Life’ [Peta2]

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