A Pessimistic And Optimistic Point Of View On Maxwell’s New Album Dropping On V-Day

01.23.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

Sometimes it’s more productive to simply appreciate a moment than trying to find its flaws. For example, take the pessimistic and optimistic points of view in relation to Maxwell announcing his new album slated to be released next month.

The Pessimist: He promised a trilogy of albums in 2009 and set the scene with a mammoth of a LP in BLACKsummers’night. It hit No. 1 in America, went platinum and fueled the anticipation for more with singles in the vein of “Pretty Wings,” “Bad Habits,” “Cold” and “Fist Full Of Tears.” Then, nothing. Absolutely nothing. The three-pack of projects turned out to be one-and-done. We were all left with the Jason Terry face because we all bought into the dream. Hook, line and sinker.

An age-old lesson in music is never investing too much stock into release dates. More than half never stick anyway. But when an artist the stature of Maxwell promises a trilogy of musical thoughts, it’s difficult not to find a sense of reassurance that they’ll be released in some sort of organized fashion. Skydiving in Dubai is great, but if there’s no single called “Descending Love,” don’t bother Twitpic’ing your vacations. Thanks, management.

The Optimist: Experiencing life to help cultivate new motivations is great. It’s preferred, actually. Better that than forcing out cookie-cutter B.S. to simply to cash in on a check and make some suits happy who’d never blast your music leisurely anyway.

Plus, it’s new material from Maxwell.

Double plus, it’s dropping on Valentine’s Day.

It’s new material from Maxwell dropping on Valentine’s Day!

Think Chris Paul and Blake Griffin on a two-on-none fast break. Tyson vs. Spinks in 1988. The 2012 Presidential election after Mitt Romney’s “47%” comments video leaked. Much like a new Maxwell album, these three examples all had pre-ordained results.

Nevermind attempting to channel your inner-Midnight Love for a holiday playlist. Sexytime has a new soundtrack. Just be sure to practice responsibly. Diapers, formula and child support doesn’t come included with the purchase.

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