¡MAYDAY! – “Death March” Video

02.26.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

There’s those infamous movie scenes where the moment of tranquility is ruined by increased ripples in the standstill glass of water. By the time the characters figure out exactly what is causing the disturbance, the hourglass on their life is all but expired. That’s where the ¡MAYDAY! crew should themselves on the eve of the spring months this year. Every song thus far from Take Me To Your Leader has been a problem and for the visual to the album’s lead single, they’re carrying on like the Martians are comin’ on some Ray Bradbury spooky-kooky, David Banner gamma ray mind warp mission.

TMTYL crash lands the earth’s ozone layer on March 26th. Where will you be when they’re handing out death certificates in the rap game?

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