Mayer Hawthorne Ft. Jesse Ware – “Her Favorite Song”

05.17.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

Well, look’s like Mayer Hawthorne is expanding his sound a bit. On “Her Favorite Song” – the lead single of the Ann Arbor singer’s upcoming Where Does This Door Go album – the upbeat or downtrodden throwback jam Hawthorne would typically deliver has been replaced with some sultry funk, which is executed to perfection. Fueled by a strutting bassline and a well-orchestrated song structure that’s engaging in all the right places, Mayer delivers a little music therapy for any female who’s been left hanging by a man.

Considering there’s unfortunately quite a few of you ladies out there now giving us good guys the side-eye, we’re sure Mayer will have no problem selling some CDs when the full LP drops July 17.

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