Maybach Music’s Probably Going To Push Meek Mill’s Album Back Now

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08.18.14 6 Comments

Meek Mill should have been coming home today. At least that was the expectation as he and his legal team went to court to file a request for early parole. His argument was he needed to be free in order to continue with his career plus take care of his son and those working under him.

However, the judge, who happened to be the one who jailed him, wasn’t sympathetic to his cause. Per NBC-Philly:

“She ordered the 27-year-old to take anger management classes for what prosecutors called a parole office “tantrum” over travel restrictions, and a Twitter rant aimed at a parole officer and prosecutor. She also ordered Mill to take a parenting class.”

Today’s setback continues a long history between Meek and Philly courts. He’s been on probation for several years after a 2009 drug and gun case conviction. For his part, Meek and his attorney argued there’s a strained relationship between the rapper and his parole officer.

His career has been interrupted the past two years by what he considers an increasingly fraught relationship with a new parole officer.

“‘We never clicked 100 percent,’ Mill said Monday, his voice sounding ready to crack.

He has not committed any new crimes while on probation, but was flagged this year after failing a drug test and appearing to use a gun in a music video. Defense lawyer Dennis Cogan said Mill had a prescription for the OxyContin after spraining his ankle, and said the video prop was a water pistol.

He also said his client’s tweets, however unwise, were protected by the First Amendment.

Given the circumstances, Meek’s album that’s currently scheduled for late September doesn’t look like it will be a reality. The label could choose to push it, but we all know how difficult marketing an album for an absent artist can be. Per the report, the earliest Meek could be released is October 11.

For those short on memory, the Dreamchasers MC went into jail in early July. And since he’s going to be in there for a while longer, we want to share the address (click here) to send him keep-ya-head-up letters and dirty Polaroids to help keep his spirits high. The brother’s going to need it.

H/T: Complex

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