Rappers Doing Good: Meek Mill Donates A Ton Of Christmas Gifts To Philly Group Home

01.03.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

MMG this. MMG that. Meek screams every time he raps. Meek flaunts his wealth at every opportunity. All of the criticisms are true to some degree, but here’s what else is.

Meek really seems to give a damn about the have-nots in Philadelphia. Probably because he was one of them not too long ago.

Truth be told, my interest in his music hasn’t been the same since Dreams & Nightmares. However, Meek’s commitment to revisiting Philly and its youth is beyond commendable. Cameras were present when Meek and his team played Santa to a Philly group home with sneakers, clothing, food, books, TVs, XBox Ones and more.

Find the wrong in this if that’s what better suits the conversation. Meek only did this for the publicity. He’ll revert right back to popping bottles in clubs, throwing cash at strippers and continuing his love affair with Audemars. That’s because he has every right to. Plus, it fails to negate the fact he and his team provided these young boys a Christmas they’ll never forget. Or any other community drive he’s helped put on since making a name for himself*.

Like buddy said at the beginning of the clip, “At the end, you gon’ be judged by your deeds.” And suddenly, I feel like crap for not waking up early enough Christmas morning and not volunteering at my local soup kitchen. Not like I need a holiday to be reason to do so, but still.

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* — A forgotten favorite comes from when he dropped $20K to a fellow bike enthusiast who suffered a spinal cord injury.

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