The ‘Meet Me In Temecula’ Guy Dropped A Diss Song Aimed At The Kobe Hater He Wanted To Fight

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12.28.14 40 Comments

Ah the power of the Internet.

While many people were celebrating Christmas with their families, Twitter users @MyTweetsRealAF and @SnottieDrippen got into a heated argument over Kobe Bryant of all things. Things got so testy that @MyTweets drove 35 miles to fight the other guy. The story quickly went viral and the phrase “meet me in Temecula” was born.

First, the Rockets’ Twitter got in on the fun.

Then, omniscient ESPN NBA analyst Amin Elhassan dropped a reference to the incident live on SportsCenter.

Now, it’s officially bigger than Twitter, but today MyTweetsRealAF took it a step further. Yep, he recorded a diss song.

Rapping over Drake and Lil Wayne’s “Believe Me” beat, Mr. RealAF drops bombs.

“I was shooting for the mentions
He was trolling for attention”

“The game ain’t cheap
I need to get the Reese’s”

“I was in it knee deep
You was in the cheap seats
In the deep sleep
Like three Zs”

“And you’ll never catch me fuckin with no he/shes
Bitch n*****
That’s what I call these species”

RealAF declared the beef over and Snottie has stated that he won’t be responding, which is a shame because the longer this goes the more we get to laugh. Whatever though. At least we’ll always have “meet me in Temecula” in our Internet lexicon now.

Oh yeah, Kobe is kind of ruining the Lakers dude. Sorry to tell you.

Update : Kobe found out about the Temecula incident after the Lakers’ 116-107 loss to the Suns tonight.

Mamba army don’t f— around? They take after their captain? I don’t think Kobe’s response could be any more perfect.

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