Meet Michelle Amara

05.11.11 7 years ago 17 Comments

Last week, Pacino and I were shooting the shit, running down notes and talking about upcoming content. See, what many of you may not be aware of is the fact Pacino remains the Section’s main horndog, our number one connoisseur of ass. No chick gets on without his inspection and he’s often running down names of models to reference for The Cooler. While we spoke, he mentioned “Oh yeah, we have something coming with Michelle Amara,” tossed out an adjective like “she’s hot” and his homie photographer Donnell Marsh was doing a shoot with her. All the while, he’s referencing her name casually as if I should be familiar.

I wasn’t then. I am now.

She’s a California girl who’s got a body worth flaunting, complete with legs and thighs so tone. And she’s not the least bit camera-shy about sharing showing it all off. In fact, she’s pretty bold, participating in competitive bodybuilding and the Lingerie Football League. Bad as hell, right? Bad enough to put on the pants in a relationship. But, judging from the snapshots below, it seems like she’d decline wearing them.

We encourage clicking to enlarge the pics to fully appreciate Michelle’s magnificence. We tried to keep it SFW here but with one click the NSFW treats await at The Spizzy.

Check more of Donnell’s work at

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