Meet Shvona Lavette, Triple Threat

10.15.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Once upon a time, having stunning looks as a singer used to be a nice, added bonus but these days it’s pretty much the minimal requirement. In Shvona Lavette’s case, she juggles enough to eggs in her basket to make the Easter Bunny jade with envy. She’s guest starred on a slew of television shows including NYPD Blue, Brothers & Sisters, Lincoln Heights and Boston Public, eagerly engages the camera for countless photoshoots, and her debut EP, 3 Percent & Rising is currently making a splash on iTunes.

Fusing a hypnotic mix of pop, dance and R&B, Shvona has no problems eyeing the Hollywood lights as her career continues to blossom. As a rising actress, model and songstress, who wouldn’t? Peruse through the post to see her vogue skills at work and her videos from the 3 Percent & Rising EP.

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