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02.05.09 9 years ago 16 Comments

Dr. Octagon, Black Elvis, Dr. Dooom, Big Willie Smith, Rhythm X, and Sinister 6000. Make sure you’ve got all those & then add a new nomenclature to Kool Keith’s list of aliases. This time around, Tashan Dorsett, an antihero character as he interacts with a gritty Bronx reality.

“Tashan Dorsett is the reality person from New York City with an image of being real and regular, dealing with daily life situations,” Keith says. “The essence of urban living to it’s all time fullest, block after block, the brick buildings, the hot sun, areas and struggles of the ghetto I myself walked and experienced. You can’t live it through television, you have to walk out and touch it like I’ve done for years. To all the areas that many people will not visit, I will constantly.”

This guy has to be my second favorite mental patient who just happens to rap. If humans do only use ten percent of their brains & Keith’s a freakin’ genius because he’s tapped into a good 30% of the capacity of his.

Here’s “Indian,” the first song off the upcoming CD/DVD.


Kool Keith as Tashan Dorsett – Indian

Tashan Dorsett will be released on February 24th on Junkadelic Music.

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