Meet The First 20 People To Sign Up To Facebook

06.02.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Chances are if you don’t know at least 10 people on Facebook and you turned 18 after the year 2003 that your social skills are beyond repair. That wasn’t meant to come off so douchebaggy, but c’mon, really? Over 600M people worldwide have accounts on the brainchild of Zuckerberg and you don’t know 10? I’m not buying it. Or you’re one of those people who sit in basements all day watching cartoon porn.

Regardless, before it took over and changed the course of the Internet as we know it, Facebook had its humble beginnings. Pending you haven’t altered your URL address, you’ll notice a list of numbers which is basically an I.D. code. According to Business Insider, it likely keep tabs on the order people sign up to the site. In what will ultimately go down as completely useless info, and through six degrees of separation, the first twenty people to sign up to the social media conglomerate were revealed.

ID numbers 1-3 were likely tests that Mark Zuckerberg used and then deleted; the profiles no longer exist. The first real Facebook users start at ID #4.

Naturally, the first few people to sign up for Facebook were Harvard students. Some shared classes with Mark Zuckerberg. Others were roommates who helped him launch the site.

If you saw The Social Network (which was a pretty damn good movie, IMO), this info is really, really useless because how the idea blossomed and took off is already common knowledge. But if not, hopefully this’ll kill a good 20 minutes while you count down the wait until clock out time.

Read the rest and view the 20 people over at Business Insider.

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