Melo-X Remakes Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love,” While Vin Diesel Dances To It Alone…At 3 A.M.

01.28.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

Of Beyonce’s self-titled album that turned the landscape of music on its head last month, the ever-so-talented Melo-X said, “…just so revolutionary and had so many layers and stories I kept hearing bits and pieces I could elaborate on.” And elaborate he did with YONCE-X EP released on Blue Ivy’s second birthday, January 7.

“Drunk In Lust” is the Brooklyn native’s obvious take on the super smash “Drunk In Love” with a splash of Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools” for good measure. Much like the majority of the EP, “Lust” is enticing in sound and intrigue as fans of Melo have come to expect. Give it a spin at work to assist in drowning out the noise of the office, but pay close attention and not get totally lost in the song and X’s interpretation. The absolute last thing anyone needs is reviewing an e-mail intended to be about last month’s sales, but instead reading about “surfboardts.”

H/T: Revolt

Bonus: There’s nothing wrong with burning the midnight oil. I’ve sort of made a habit out of it over the years. Hell, and to be quite honest, “Drunk In Love” is my sh*t just off Beyonce’s stripper kicks alone. And it should be noted what we’re about to witness is a staunch reminder of something my grandma advised long ago. The only things open at three in the morning are 7-11 and legs. Go ahead and Facebook to the list.

That’s because Fast & The Furious star Vin Diesel decided to take drunk texting to an entirely different level with his own Showtime At The Apollo set. In the wee hours of the morning (American time), Diesel uploaded a clip of himself singing and dancing to a montage of records, including Katy Perry and the aforementioned Beyonce number. The whole thing is uncomfortably hilarious as he claps, stumbles, snaps, sings off-key and provides a reminder of one vital life lesson.

Never, under any circumstances, operate any forms of technology while under the influence of alcohol. The “…” after “You know I love music” was sort of a dead giveaway something weird was about to happen.


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