Melvyn Flynt

07.23.08 9 years ago 21 Comments

The Still On The Run Eatin pic didn’t phase me like it did others. You get paid, you live well & eat well…you’ll eventually gain weight.

But when someone (who will remain anonymous…because how many folks do you know that have Bangbros locked into their Google Reader smh) sent me this shit, tears welled up lol.

Peep the Al Bundy hand placement & the eye of the tiger in this next pic.

I ain’t even trippin’ because I’m sure 92% of us would be intensely into the convo as well. Peep the trailer (NSFW) via the link below.

I’m just gonna file this one up to side hustles & opportunities lol.

Bangbros – pennyshow Episode: “N.O.R.E.” []

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