Movin’ Out (Malik’s Song)

08.20.09 8 years ago 22 Comments

Just like Turtle from Entourage, Memph Bleek feels it’s that time to step out from the shadow of Big Brother…and get a job.

But he won’t be flippin’ burgers or become the new bodyguard for the Carters or whatever witty anecdote the hounds on Twitter can come up with. As AHH, reports, the guaranteed millionaire is releasing his fifth solo album, dubbed The Process on independent grindhouse Koch E1 Music as well as his own imprint Get Low Records.

The Process has been exactly that; a process. Taking what I’ve learned from a teacher and creating my own school,” Memphis Bleek told in a statement. “It’s time for me to handle my own business as a man and Mass Appeal supports the vision. I’m ready to share The Process and Get Low Records with the world and along with Mass Appeal, I’m excited to take the next steps in my career independently”.

And if you’re assuming it’s just going to be some rushed, basement recordings, think again. The Process is boasting production from Just Blaze, The Neptunes and No I.D. as well as being executively-produced by Jay-Z.

Just another day, dollar, 3.5 Cigs in the life of the Memph Man. What a wonderful world.

Memphis Bleek Goes Indie With New Album; Label [AHH]

And he’s released not one, but two mixtapes this year if you can’t wait til’ November.

Download — Memphis Bleek & DJ Suss One – Signed & Sealed Mixtape | Memphis Bleek – Feed The Street$ Mixtape

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