He Thinks He Knows Why…

08.24.09 8 years ago 15 Comments

Don’t think Young Memphis doesn’t hear the net’s wisecracks about his newfound independence and deal. In fact, he’s kept his ear to the web so much he’s came up with some conclusions of his own.

So why is that you hate the Marcy resident who makes easy money pimpin’ hoes in style?

Is it because he’s clean in his new “V?” Surely a well-kept appearance never goes out of style and a new automobile could be good for the environment.

Is it because Jay-Z passes along his old jets? Air travel is much safer than the highway especially when you’re blowing an ounce of that “sour.”

Or how bout because his hammer is never on safety? Come to think of it, that’s grounds for legitimate hate. Nobody likes a Plaxico, Bleek.

Regardless, Jigga’s power of attorney has an album dropping in November whether you plan on downloading it or not.

And those mixtape links are still live…just in case you were wondering.


Download — Memphis Bleek – “Why They Hate Me”

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