Real Life “Pulp Fiction”: Memphis Robbers Macabre Torture Tactics

05.08.12 4 years ago • 19 Comments

People from outside Tennessee often link Nashville and Memphis together, which leads me to quickly reminding them that there are numerous differences between the two Volunteer State cities. M-town’s crime rate usually keeps them ranked high nationally when statistical reports come out. And the crimes done there are…different, as seen by the torture tactics used in a recent robbery that went all Marsellus Wallace.

What happened: There was a home invasion. Nothing big there.
What went awry: The victims were tied up, tortured and sodomized for nine hours.
The piece of strange: The robbers and their victims were all men.

To quote David D., I wouldn’t want my captors to thump me on the shoulder for nine hours. To be sodomized for nine hours? The victims were able to get a slice of revenge by shooting two of their attackers when the attackers left and returned. What sucks? They could face charges for failing to report the crime.

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