The iPod Shuffle – Method Man & Busta Rhymes’ “What’s Happenin'”

05.31.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

And I ain’t delicate, flows hot as kettle get/Now if you ain’t f*cking with that, you must be celibate

When you think “Method Man” and “tag team,” images of Meth and Redman filling in each others’ bars and starring in stoner flicks are probably going to conjure. That’s natural.

But the Wu-Tang frontman has gone outside of his comfort zone plenty of times for the assist. “What’s Happenin'” ranks near the top of that list from a quality perspective. Remember, this was 2004. Seeing Busta Rhymes gracing the lead single – a song brimming with grimy production and classic New York alpha dog boasts – on a Method Man album was grounds for minor celebrations throughout the Tri-State area.

Too bad the album that it led to, Tical 0: The Prequel, was an overcrowded mess with few reasons, other than ‘Happenin’,’ to revisit. In a vacuum, though, the track has to be considered one of Meth’s best singles. Here’s to Crystal Meth dropping soon.

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