This Is Not DOOM For Clarks Originals

01.08.14 4 years ago 16 Comments

doom clarks originals

In a collaboration that’s sure to send backpackers and my chew stick cats into a tizzy, Metal Face DOOM has been called by equally revered shoe brand Clarks to be featured in their Originals Pioneers program. As the super villain adds his touches the Wallabee, this sh*t looks like it’s on swine flu levels of sickness.

“DOOM’s first job as an Originals Pioneer was to co-create a new version of his favourite Clarks Originals shoe. He was quick to choose the Wallabee – a shoe that boasts a long heritage with hip hop. DOOM has carefully considered every element of this design, from the reflective, metal-like stitching, to the mask logo embossed in to the heel of the shoe.

“DOOM’s second job as a Pioneer was his creative project. Led by his musical talent, he began by travelling to the home of Clarks, to capture the sounds of Street. Working with his recordings, DOOM has prepared an exclusive track remix that will be launched online. This remix will be followed by an exclusive video, created to coincide with the track, and launched here in March.”

No exact release date has been set but stayed tuned for updates.

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