The iPod Shuffle – MF DOOM’s “?”

10.19.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

There’s a certain camaraderie between DOOM fans unlike other fan bases. They (we?) understand DOOM isn’t for everybody but “get” his music. Perhaps it’s the fact that most DOOM heads are “pencil neck geeks,” as he would say, gorging on their fair share of comic books, video games and obscure pop culture. Or maybe it’s as simple as heads just like to hear a wildly alternative voice that can’t quite be replicated.

Whatever the case may be, MF Doom’s Operation: Doomsday remains as one of rap’s best re-introductions. You saw an MC fully buy into his character and just go for broke on that record. “?” or “Questions” depending on who’s asking remain as one of the albums best songs. Plus Doom’s poignant bars on his deceased brother DJ Subroc still stands as one of his most memorable verses of his career. It just goes to show that behind the mask and the hilarious, silly rhymes, there’s a person who grieves just like us over personal tragedies.

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