Trouble In Paradise: Miami Named America’s Most “Miserable” City

02.07.12 6 years ago 18 Comments

From an outsider’s perspective, Miami is Florida’s real capital where the sun shines gracefully on the skin of chiseled celebutantes and a regular weekday feels like Mardi Gras. Couple in the ever-popular Miami Heat and Rick Ross’ presence in Hip-Hop media and it easily feels like the place you need to relocate to. A MSN report spews quite the contrary, as it names the celebrity playground the most miserable city in the nation, under a criteria that includes unemployment and crime rates, and the undeniable political corruption.

Miami’s Sunshine State misery gets plenty of company as it rounds out the Florida representation to three, to match Michigan’s trifecta of sorrowful living. At least St. Petersburg escaped the wrath this year. Below is the top ten of 2012’s Les Misérables.

10. Warren, MI
9. Rockford, IL
8. Toledo, OH
7. Fort Lauderdale, FL
6: Chicago, IL
5. Sacramento, CA
4. West Palm Beach, FL
3. Flint, MI
2. Detroit, MI
1. Miami, FL

The next time you hear your favorite rapper or television network glorifying the shimmering lights of the Miami strip, just know that’s the only section of the city that they’re frequenting. Its real residents have more important issues to worry about than their tan.

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