Michael Beasley Got A Car Repoed In The Most Michael Beasley Way Possible

08.06.14 3 years ago 15 Comments
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Free agent forward Michael Beasley has made $31 million over his seven-year career and he raked in a cool $1 million riding the bench in Miami last year. This is why its so funny that, according to TMZ, Beasley had his rented Porsche 911 repossessed outside the hotel he was staying in. Yep, he had a car he didn’t even own repossessed.

Surely, Beasley has a few bucks laying around still and should be able to afford the $1,744.34 tab he ran up at Hertz at LAX in the two weeks he’s had the car. So either Beasley plain forgot that he had the car parked outside or just said “f*ck it, I’ll take it back when I feel like it.”

I’m not saying Cool Beas was stoned when he did this, but forgetting to or deciding not to take the car back is definitely some “Michael Beasley was stoned” sh*t. Luckily for the former number two overall pick, the repo man was nice enough to leave all of Beasley’s kicks from the trunk at the hotel.

So don’t worry, my dude, those Bred 11s are still at the telly waiting for you.

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