“And I Wonder, Who’s Loving You…”

08.10.13 5 years ago 7 Comments

Cover songs are awesome, but let this marinate. A 10-year-old has the greatest one of all-time. More on that in a moment.

This is coming from someone who never was Michael Jackson’s biggest fan when he was alive and even after his death. The King of Pop was one-of-one. An obvious observation, of course, but visualizing another career arc in the vein of Jackson won’t be seen in this lifetime or possibly the next two or 12. That much is all but set in stone. This was a child superstar who grew to become the most iconic talent on Earth during in his elementary, adolescent and adult years.

It’s just hard to imagine a child belt a song like “Who’s Loving You” with as much conviction. A record another legendary crooner like Smokey Robinson – who penned and originally performed the ballad – admitted the 10-year-old Mike made “his song.”

Even today, from a guy born four years after Thriller elevated Jackson to another level of unseen mega-uber-mega-uberstar, “Who’s Loving You” encompasses a combination of wisdom, innocence, passion and maturity with no true rival.

This is that music “the old man who never forgave himself” drowned his sorrows in bottles to for decades. And probably still is.

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