Is March 28th Michael Jordan’s Luckiest Day Ever?

03.28.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

“It’s starting to come back to me a little bit.”

All the early morning talk about Michael Jordan and the Birmingham Barons reminded me of where Money was at in 1995. Two weeks prior to March 28th, 1995, Mike was sitting at home as a retired baseball player and 18 months removed from the basketball court.

But on that Tuesday night, in what would be his fifth game back, MJ was on the court wearing the 4-5 and dropping 55 on the Knicks to lead Chicago to a two-point win and having what would go on to be one of the more definitive showings in his career on the world’s most hallowed of basketball places.

Then, while taking a cigarette break during the writing of this one, I thumbed through Instagram and saw Mike’s stat line from another March 28. To be specific, it was five years earlier in 1990 when he scored a career-high 69 points at the expense of the Cavs. Cleveland always seem to get the worst from MJ and they got it extra in this one because the game went into overtime and he ended up going 23 of 37 from the floor, 21 of 23 from the line while notching up 18 rebounds, 6 assists, and 4 steals.

If I was MJ, I’d go play the numbers today, for sure.

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