Michael Jordan’s Rep Addresses “Jordan Brand Is Shutting Down 2015” Story

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03.26.14 20 Comments

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Sneakerheads ’round the world lost their collective shits last week when rumor had it that Michael Jordan was not only displeased with the quality control exhibited by parent company Nike, but also that he was so pissed he planned on splitting from the Swoosh and taking Jordan Brand with him in 2015.

The Shoe Game reached out to Mike’s camp to address the rumors and sneakerheads needn’t worry. Your grails will continue to be retroed every year. Per Michael Jordan’s Business Manager, Estee Portnoy:

“There is absolutely no truth to this rumor claiming that Michael Jordan is parting ways with the Jordan Brand. Michael has made no such statements. He is – and will remain – fully committed to the Jordan Brand.”

Per ESPN, Jordan did apologize to Sixers guard Troy Wooten after the player suffered a blowout of his Retro 10s in a game a few weeks ago. It was the third time in a month that a player’s shoes broke during a game as Manu Ginobili and Andrew Bogut both had happen to them. They also both wear Nike.

People tend to lose sight of two things.

1. A large majority of pro players wear Nike, thus the chances of a blowout happening in Nike are much higher than, say, a pair of Li-Nings.

2. These guys are heavy and fast, constantly making sharp cuts and quick movements. There’s probably some scientific way to explain it but, keeping it in laymen terms, shoes are only built to withstand so much.

Rumors like this pop up every couple of years regarding Mike and Nike. Here are two easy points to remember:

1. Jordan Brand made Nike $2.25 billion in 2013, which is an estimated $250 million more than it made the year before. That’s billion, dog.

2. Money himself made an estimated $90 million last year alone and much of it coming from his relationship with Nike. Aside from Floyd Mayweather, MJ was the highest paid athlete, retired or active, in 2013.

Jordan and Nike share a very comfortable bed together on a mattress made of money. The two companies are under contract together until 2023. Never say never but it’s highly unlikely any major shifts occur between now and then.

In other words, Money knows where his money comes from.

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