Getting Along Without Power, Heat And Michael Kiwanuka’s Music

11.21.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

First off, to HELL with Hurricane Sandy, Nor’Easter Athena and everybody who love ’em.

Seriously, as I enter a week straight with unmitigated power and heat, I’m feeling more grateful by the day. Being cold in the house as time slowed to a crawl wasn’t my idea of fun. At the same time I still had a roof over my head. People really lost everything and the horror stories in the storm’s aftermath ought to make you

Music, among other things, kept me tempered during two annoying, extended blackouts. GKMC got the most burn in the whip, at power stations with internet access or in the local Marriott when the residence got too frigid. However, Michael Kiwaunka’s Home Again made brief cameos during the two weeks in the dark. His buzz was small when I first wrote about him. Since then his star has quickly risen as a promising, young talent with an old soul thanks to crticial acclaim and a Mercury Prize nomination.

Folk/soul hybrids aren’t usually my bag but there’s something about Kiwanuka’s debut that resonates with me. Perhaps it’s the album’s simplicity in a era wrought with boisterous sounds built for stadium crowds than your ears. Home Again is as straightforward as it is well-made and “I’ll Get Along” stands as one of my favorites from the record. The song’s a period piece capturing the spirit of his debut: calming, introspective and class.

Honestly, “I’ll Get Along” gets me boppin’ like the cop in Chappelle’s music experiment. I can’t help it man. Just get me some Birkenstocks, khakis, a Ralph Lauren sweater/flannel combo and I’m straight. Press play and you might catch the same vibe as well.

Now Mother Nature, just keep that storm in the Atlantic and I won’t curse your name until winter starts, alright? OK.

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