Michael Kiwanuka Tells Tales Worth Hearing

05.06.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

It’s commonplace for new artists to get glossed-over in a sea of competition. Occasionally, there’s one who catches your eye in a glimpse. Then you keep looking and something about it yields promise. It’s evident Michael Kiwanuka is a raw talent yet he shows promise as an artist capable of breaking through. The 23 year old singing/guitar playing Londoner of Ugandan descent has been around for awhile in the UK and recently toured with Adele. Now is as good a time as any to broaden his exposure a bit.

You’ll quickly find Michael Kiwanuka’s voice serves as his most striking weapon. Saying it’s “distinct” doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Kiwanuka’s singing, on the contrary, sends signals of an old soul crooning behind the mic. Pitting it against his youthful visage doesn’t add up at first. However it can become compelling over time and gives his music a more mature presentation.

Give his video to “Tell Me A Tale” a test run and see for yourself. I’ve come around to the song and its styling after a few plays. Hearkening back to the olden days remains a popular trend for singers across the pond. I’m not mad at this trend though. Emulating yesterday’s tunes may not be fresh. But a traditional approach to creating records doesn’t necessarily make them bad: as evidenced by this piece’s production. It’s enough for me to keep tabs on Mr. Kiwanuka as he improves. UK heads interesting in hearing more can cop his Tell Me A Tale EP on iTunes via this link.

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