Michael Uzowuru: The Quiet Kid With Booming Beats

08.19.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

You’d think anyone linked to the likes of Odd Future and Vince Staples would be pretty visible on the internuts. Well California producer Michael Uzowuru, frequent collaborator between both acts, opts for a more low key approach. He drops music without the shenanigans often seen from rap’s youngins. His latest work in “Poseidon” is a testament to his M.O.

Perhaps you’ll want to hear something a little longer though, right? Well “glass” in all of it’s two minutes and change has been a personal favorite for a few months. You can catch me wearing this song out whenever I get the urge: one spin isn’t enough. You might fall victim to the same fate after pressing play and, with that, just know you’ve been warned.

Now you might play these songs and say, “These are alright but how do his beats sound with some rhymes.” To that I say check out “Traffic” released earlier this summer featuring Vince Staples and SK La’flare. The song’s jovial bounce over otherwise dark street tales “bout that life” give the it a unique vibe. The oddball variety of his beats exhibits his versatility and really makes his music compelling. Add the fact that he’s the ripe old age of 20 and it’s safe to say he’s scratching the surface at this production stuff.

Well that’s enough of the Michael Uzowuru crash course for the uninitiated. What does the peanut gallery think of his work on the boards?

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