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Khalilah Patra

Michelle Obama Set To Release A Hip-Hop Album [Rolling Out]

Hip-Hop Turns 40: Rap’s Mid Life Crisis [NPR]

The Cast Of “The Butler” Explains Why It’s Not Like “The Help” [Urban Daily]

Remembering Whitney Houston [Chan-Lo]

College Students Shoot Half-Naked Video For ‘Get Lucky’ [Giant]

Couple Joins The Mile High Club, Gets Arrested (NSFW) [Peeperz]

Atlanta High School Gets Gun Range?! [Black Blue Dog]

What Color Will J.R. Smith’s Hair Be Next? [Basketball Jones]

Check My Footwork: Drew League Edition [The Shoe Game]

Idiot On The Field With A Camera Is A Game-Changer [Deadspin]

Ab-Soul On “Christopher DRONEr,” Meek Mill’s Influence [2DBz]

80% of Swiss Inmates Consume Cannabis, Improves Safety [Popular Resistance]

Casey Veggies’ Father Was Once Jay-Z’s Bodyguard [The Hundreds]

Welfare Recipients Are Actually Mostly White, Less Likely To Use Drugs [Addicting Info]

Tech N9ne Speaks On Losing (And Regaining) Black Fans, ‘B.I.T.C.H.’ [Vibe]

From ‘Deep Throat’ to ‘Lovelace:’ How The Adult Entertainment Industry Has Changed [Fox]

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