A Joyful Noise: Beyonce, Kelly Rowland Join Michelle Williams For New Song, “Say Yes!”

05.21.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

Michelle Williams Beyonce Kelly Rowland

Admit it. Seeing those three names together will do something to the music fan in anyone.

Tins shot a link to me for Michelle Williams’ new number, “Say Yes!,” featuring Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, as in the Destiny’s motherf***in’ Child all together again. My first reaction was “Oh shit!” Then I clicked play and, a little defeated, I sighed, “Oh. Damn.”

Tins hit me with a classic bait and switch.

See, it slipped my mind that Michelle’s life and music have gone in the direction of gospel so I wasn’t ready for “Say Yes!” as it was. And what it was is a really uptempo, almost dance-driven track of the religious nature. I’m not mad at it one bit. But let’s just say we’re a long way from “Say My Name,” too. But don’t mind me, Michelle or anyone else. Don’t let nobody or nothing block your blessings.

The single will appear on Williams’ upcoming fourth album, Journey to Freedom, due out later this year.

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