Mick Jenkins Lays Down The ‘Ps And Qs’ In An Impressively Messy New Video

05.27.15 2 years ago 3 Comments

Mick Jenkins always seems to be upping the ante. The Chicago fireman doesn’t just rap, he digs deep into each song he records and pulls the absolute most he can out of every instrumental. On “P’s & Q’s,” Jenkins manages to take his attention to detail further than ever.

It’s not enough that Mick manages to rap circles around his peers, using a bassy Kaytranada beat. No. This guy does so by almost exclusively using words that start with ‘p’ and ‘q.’ Quick, off top, how many words can you name that start with ‘q’? Exactly.

The video is even more impressive. Built around what looks to be a hectic, one take shot, the clip is visually mesmerizing and looks like it took quite a few takes. Not to mention, lots of clean-up.

After watching this and hearing his first single “Alchemy”, Jenkins’ upcoming Wave(s) album appears to be a must listen.

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