You Did It, Internet! Microsoft Ditches Xbox One Policies On Internet Requirement, Used Games Restrictions

06.19.13 4 years ago 42 Comments


Chalk it up as a victory for Sony, as archrival Microsoft is now changing its tune about the Xbox One’s stringent rules on used games and required internet connectivity that were announced last month. Gamers went up in arms at the announcement of the policies, which dictated that games were strictly on a single-use license and the system must check-in online once every 24 hours.

Sony immediately took advantage, throwing shots at Microsoft at E3 and proudly displayed their PS4, which very notably did not have any such restrictions. The backlash hadn’t subsided and probably foreseeing a significantly lighter revenue stream, the company finally backtracked and reversed its course.

The move definitely changes the landscape of the impending console war, and helps to lessen the gap between the two systems. Come holiday season, what side of the fence do you see yourself on?

Update: What’s lost for now, however, is the ability to share digital copies of your games with 10 “family members” online. This probably means little to folks with bad online connections. Those with decent internet speeds may feel the hurt as they can’t swap games from the comfort of their man caves.


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