Can Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Out-Apple Apple?

07.21.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

The iPad was a perfect device when it first came out two years ago. Now on it’s third generation, the gadget has been bolstered and improved significantly, but not enough to match the consumer’s always increasing rate of demands. Despite the fact that the tablet has begun eating into the laptop market, its lack of physical keyboard and inability to multitask prevents it from ever becoming a true replacement for the mobile computer (can you imagine how it’d be if you were using Chrome and you had to wait for a tab before you could read it and then when you switch to the next tab you’d have to wait for it to load too).

For years and years, the anti-Apple crowd criticized the company for not innovating, but rather improving upon an existing product – or as they so eloquently put it, “biting” some other existing gadget. And for years and years, that strategy has worked wonders for Apple, but now it looks like Microsoft is in a position to do the same thing with the release of a Surface tablet and Windows 8.

From preliminary looks at both the device and its operating system, the Surface looks magnificent. When on the go, the touchscreen experience looks unparalleled. Switching between apps is almost instantaneous and interface is smooth and futuristic. Also when on a desk or a table it has a keyboard and stand, making it essentially a laptop with an interactive monitor. Best of all, it’s capable of true multitasking. You can browse the web with your Twitter timeline on the side, or write a paper for class with a video playing for procrastination purposes. And all of this doesn’t even mention that Microsoft just revamped Office to optimize it for mobile and touchscreen devices, streamlining the whole thing even more.

As of early this year, I decided to never buy a laptop again (in the short-term future anyways). I made this decision because, whenever I’m actually working, I’m nearly always at my desk and usually when I’m casually browsing the Internet, I’m on my couch or at the dining room table. With that in mind, my ideal set up would probably be a desktop coupled with a tablet. And if it’s anything like what Microsoft says it is, that tablet could very well wind up being the Surface.


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