Whatever You Do, Don’t Ever Try To Snatch A Chain From Migos

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
09.02.14 54 Comments

It is what slight displeasure that I have to relay the message in the headline in regards to Migos and the definition of f*** sh*t. Over the weekend, the “Versace” trio had a showed booked at Limelight here in Nashville. And reportedly the guy pictured above tried to snatch a chain off the neck of one of them.

As everyone can see, buddy looks like he didn’t get the chain but ended up with the worse part of the package deal that comes with trying to steal someone’s chain. In fact, his finger raised to his chain makes it looks like he’s laying out in the club rethinking his decision.

Two things here:

1. Limelight’s cool with me. I’ve thrown or helped promote parties for there that have gone off without a hitch. However, it typically draws a pretty rowdy bunch on regular nights vs. the hipper-hopper sets that we put together there. Which leads us to, point two…

2. …Whoever was promoting this show was advertising it heavy in the hood and on radio. Just like the flyer said, it was a weekend with no work, no school and it was the first classic football game of the season for Tennessee St. University, one of the local HBCUs.

The levels of ratchetedness were in the air well before the opened the club doors.

No true word on whether the assailant(s) was actually one of Migos, club security or crowd members. There’s video footage below, which is as shaky as you can expect a potential WSHH moment to be.

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