Miguel – “Adorn” Video

08.01.12 5 years ago 13 Comments

While the hairstyle leaves a lot to be desired, it’s clearly evident Miguel has earned the title of one of the more talented R&B artists his faithful following have been screaming long before his mainstream ascension. The new single “Adorn,” off Kaleidoscope Dream: Water Preview, has been recommended to me for weeks and I’m just now getting around to giving it an honest spin.

For as mysterious and eccentric as the video is presented, the song cuts no corners in quickly adding itself to the list of replay-worthy numbers tracks from the singer who helped give Wale the biggest hit of his career. Not overly sappy, but sentimental enough to drive the point home without being overbearing, “Adorn” is an ambedexrious tune capable of being played around that special someone or perfectly acceptable to nod your head to in public without a care who notices.

Miguel’s three-part LP Kaleidoscope Dream releases October 2, but not before two previews – Water Preview which is out now and Fire Preview dropping September 11.

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