The Scenes From The Mike Brown Murder Aftermath Are Bone-Chilling

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These are residents of Ferguson with only cell phones on them ordered to get on their knees. Then allegedly have tear gas thrown at them.

When the news of Michael Brown’s murder first broke Saturday evening, behind-the-scenes, we all sort of had the feeling this story would become bigger than what it was at the time. All the characteristics involved screamed “national controversy.” White cop. Unarmed Black teenager. And a community both angry and unspeakably depressed in regards to seeing one of their own executed in cold-blood.

With roots in the Dred Scott Case dating back to the pre-Civil War days and the East St. Louis Riots of 1917, the city laying claim to “The Greatest Show On Turf” also bears the scar of one of America’s most bitterly racist cities. And this was as recent as 2012. As day became night in St. Louis, tensions continued to rise as Brown’s blood still lay visible on the very spot he took his last breath.

Alderman of The Lou’s 21st Ward, Antonio French, and the New York Times‘ Midwest correspondent, Julie Bosman, have been go-to sources of the evening and night’s events.

Tomorrow, the identity of the officer who killed Brown is expected to be revealed.



Update:  Recent video footage showing police tossing a pregnant woman to the ground.

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