Mike Milan – “Love Again” Video

04.26.13 4 years ago

To say Mike Milan’s name rang a bell prior to watching his “Love Again” video wouldn’t exactly be the truth. Yet, his credentials did at least raise an eyebrow. Milan walked away victorious in Philadelphia’s “Search For The Coolest” contest sponsored by Coors. The accomplishment allowed the Manhattan MC to perform in the presence of accomplished Hip-Hop legends, DJ Drama and Ice Cube.

So knowing all that, I clicked play. A larger sample sample size is needed before I come to a true conclusion on buddy’s music, but allow me to note these two points. One, the hook isn’t half bad. And two, the video treatment was impressive. In fact, that’s a big reason why you’ll likely make it to the end of the record. And as an artist looking to carve their own niche (he’s actually been around since 2009), taking advantage of every opportunity to make a new fan is and should be the number one priority.

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