Let Comedian Mike Polk, Jr. Explain Ohio’s New Abortion Laws For You

07.10.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

mike polk jr ohio abortion video

The Ohio GOP is an underrated bunch in Crazy-land.

Just last week, after Texas senator Wendy Davis’ filibuster (but before Texas governor Rick Perry’s special session) of an abortion-banning amendment, the Ohio House of Representatives, which is controlled by Republicans, approved its controversial $62 million biennial state budget, crippling a woman’s ability to have an abortion in the state. The new budget diminishes Planned Parenthood funding to next to nothing and bans transfers from abortion clinics to public hospitals, among other things.

But for most people this is still pure wonk talk. So Cleveland comedian Mike Polk, Jr., of “Factory of Sadness” fame, decided to break down the new abortion restrictions so that even Browns fans can understand them. Polk Jr., playing Ohio governor Ted Kasich, explains that sure, women can get an abortion in Ohio, but only after “we force a camera up your hoo-ha, so you have to form a relationship with your thumbnail-sized fetus.”

The best comedy always highlights the most absurd, which in this case is totally true. It’s just unfortunate that it’s actually based off a real, in-the-books budget.

Ed. Note: Some of the things that Polk had the fictional woman go through in the sketch are obviously satirical; other things aren’t. Just a heads up.

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