Here’s Video Of Mike Tyson Playing ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch Out’ For The First Time

08.21.13 5 years ago 36 Comments


The first thought to come to mind was, “How the hell is this Mike Tyson’s first time playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and it’s 2013?” The game was released in 1987.

Then I remembered Mike was busy going through the Robin Givens phase of his life in the late ’80s. After that followed prison and a bunch of other headline-worthy moments and it’s easy to understand how time got away from Kid Dynamite.* Making up for lost calendars, The Champ finally received his chance to play his own game while in Fox Sports 1’s green room.

The funny thing is, I ask those same questions before playing video games while holding the controller like a newborn baby. This is probably why people never invite me back to play, but nevermind that. The clip ends on sort of a cliffhanger, but my money’s on Tyson and Little Mac in this bout against Glass Joe and maybe even Soda Popinski if he made it that far.

Now if Mike ever advanced to fight Super Macho Man remains to be seen. One of the biggest travesties of my life was never getting past that guy.

* – Also, Mike could’ve played this game before and simply forgot. He wasn’t exactly the most sober person in the world at one point.

Photo: Iron Mike’s Twitter

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