Mikkey Halsted And Twista Make Chicago Look Like Heaven

06.23.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

Nearly a month to the day after dropping their Chicago summer inspired lullaby, Mikkey Halsted and Twista double up with the liberation of the video prescription to “Linen.” The two Chi-Town Blackhawks tour the city with enough eye candy to produce cavities as they explain the fruits of the Windy City’s much beloved sights when there isn’t 30 feet of snow on the ground.

It’s a beautiful sight to witness such a noteworthy track be reciprocated with a worthwhile visual. If this isn’t enough to make a person want to visit the home of Derrick Rose and Oprah, then, well, Minneapolis, Detroit, Cincinnati and Indianapolis are always other options. There’s not much else to illustrate – other than purchase the song on iTunes – that the accompanying visuals will not do better anyway.

However, in case Mikkey and Twista aren’t enough convincing, then maybe this will: the Taste of Chicago starts tomorrow. Enough said.

Respect: Andrew

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