Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Miley Cyrus Using The Word ‘Mammy’ On The VMAs Was A Terrible Idea?

08.31.15 2 years ago 36 Comments
Miley Cyrus MTV VMAs

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Miley Cyrus was the host of Sunday night’s MTV VMAs, if you weren’t aware. To say that she flopped is putting it mildly. Her antics felt terribly scripted, her costumes and fake dreads were SMH-worthy, her jokes never connected and everything about her performance as host was cringeworthy. Nicki Minaj checked her ass loud and clear during an award acceptance speech. Undoubtedly, the worst part was when she decided to use the word “mammy” in her skit with Snoop Doog.

First, I pin part of the blame on Snoop for not stepping to the plate to say “Hey, maybe we shouldn’t use the word ‘mammy’ here.” He’s old enough and wise enough to know better. Yet, I’ve come to expect extremes from Snoop in terms of good and bad deeds. Each time he manages to do something worthy of being called smart or comendable, he’ll come behind and match with a painfully ignorant act. At the end of the day, he’s a shell of the guy who took over rap with Dr. Dre decades ago. Now, he’s all about the bottom line for the brand of Snoop, no matter how much he sells his soul.

But the rest of the onus points lands squarely on Miley’s petite shoulders. To her defense, it appears she’s always called her grandmother “Mammy,” at least from what I could find from a light search. Still, that doesn’t make the word fair game to use in 2015, not in a setting as large as the VMAs. The former Disney star prides herself on being progressive, campaigning on a variety of causes ranging from combating homelessness and LGBT issues to standing up for marijuana use and women’s right to show their boobs on social media. But by appearing on national TV and using the word “mammy” repeatedly, she shows how woefully out of teach she is with everyday reality.

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