Miley Cyrus Goes Nude For The Cover Of V Magazine’s ‘Rebel’ Issue

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08.28.14 33 Comments

Miley Cyrus is going to do Miley Cyrus whether anyone likes it or not. Or wants to see it either.

At least that’s the estimation I’ve come up with for her nakedness on the cover of V Magazine’s upcoming “Rebel” issue. Shot by Karl Lagerfeld, Cyrus appears in the buff on top of a pile of stuffed animals because nudity isn’t nudity when it’s artsy. Or maybe those toys mixed with Miley’s nakedness are a statement of her leaving behind her Disney past. Either way, V described the concept behind the issue and it should make more sense.

“V91 focuses on the art of rebellion. But before you think us punks or misfits, it should be noted that we’re not necessarily talking about that type of rebellion associated with being deliberately defiant or rowdy, but rather with the idea of taking ownership of one’s ideas and craft and not compromising even when difficult situations arise. Staying true to one’s self and one’s art, no matter what, takes courage and discipline, which is vital to any artist’s survival.”

Or maybe it won’t make any more sense.

Miley also posed for Issue 83 for the mag, albeit with more clothes on that time. Issue 91 hits newstands on September 10.

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