Twerking Is Dead! Miley Cyrus Deems New Dance ‘The Nae Nae’ The New Craze

10.18.14 3 years ago 55 Comments

Children, throw away them booty shorts because twerking is no longer the move to record yourself doing in your messy bedroom.

Cultural ambassador Miley Cyrus has proclaimed twerking to be a thing of the past and is now touting a strange new dance called, “The Nae Nae” as the new hotness to do if you want to sit at the cool kids’ table.

Via her interview with an Australian morning show recently:

“I’m glad you know that [twerking is so yesterday] because some people are living in the past. [The new dance] is called “The Nae Nae.”

“I keep trying to start it at all my shows and no one’s really doing it back at me, so…I just don’t think it’s made its way to Australia yet.

“I don’t really know [the origin]. Just my dancers, the LA Bakers, they taught it to me. They just started doing it, and I’m like, “What is that?” So then I started doing it, which is kinda what happened with the twerking, too.”

Here’s a gif of her doing it to help you practice. I haven’t gotten it all the way down pat yet, but I hope to master the exciting new move in time for the company Christmas party. *crosses fingers*


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