Mishka Presents The Sounds Of Chicago With ‘W2NDCH2LL’ Double Instrumental Project

08.24.14 3 years ago

W2NDCH2LL Heat Wave Beach Season

Words By Jake Krez

Ben Niespodziany has been covering the Chicago hip-hop scene closely while reporting for the official Mishka Bloglin and has done a great job in helping uncover some of the city’s more hidden talents. While many know of Chief Keef, King L, Chance, Vic and Lil Durk, many are unaware of where the production for the majority of these acts comes from. Well, Niespodziany felt the need to do something about and earlier this summer unveiled his effort to round up some of the city’s best beatmakers into two succinct offerings which he named W2NDCH2LL.

The project is broken into two parts: “Heatwave” and “Beach Season”. While we haven’t had any heatwaves in the Midwest this year, the former is a compilation of soul-centric vibes that the city has long been known for while the latter deals in more distinctly original production. One thing is for sure: between the two offerings, it is one hell of an overall project. A production monster of sorts, W2NDCH2LL features work from the likes of Nate Fox, Na$im Williams, OnGaud, Netherfriends, Calez, Papi Beatz and many more that make up the infrastructure from which the Chicago Hip-Hop machine runs. Definitely worth a few listens.

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