Here Are Some Misinformed Tweets About Cold Weather And Global Warming

01.07.14 4 years ago 29 Comments

WASP-y conservatives gon’ WASP-y conservative! Seriously, a part of my soul wishes that this collection of tweets that Slate was generous enough to connect was parody.

Like, I wish Donald Trump was joking. He can’t be serious.

Same with this random Louisiana Representative. I imagine him finishing this quote by hollering “zing!,” sticking his index fingers out to resemble guns, shooting said imaginary guns in the air, blowing over the imaginary barrels of said imaginary guns, and winking. Really, the life of the (Republican) party. Or putting on some sunglasses and doing the whole Miami Vice thing. Either or.

And, of course, what’s a right-wing pillow fight without a little bit of OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST?

It’s not like I even need to bring up a source to explain climate change. It’s not a secret. It’s 2014. The Day After Tomorrow came out 10 years ago in May. POWERFUL ADULTS AREN’T ALLOWED TO BE THIS STUPID. THEY JUST AREN’T.

Photo: dickhune/Flickr

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