Thanks But No Thanks, NAACP: Mitt Romney Already Has His Own Black People

07.12.12 6 years ago 18 Comments

Mitt Romney speaking at the NAACP is a comedy special waiting to happen. Thankfully, Mitt didn’t disappoint by delivering a classic orgy of follies for us to laugh at. The speech itself was awkward enough as I imagine Romney’s team was sitting backstage with its collective fingers crossed chanting “dontberacistdontberacistdontsaychickendontsayyoupeople” the whole time. While Romney didn’t shout out “KOOL-AID!” he did say that he would get rid of Obamacare, earning himself an extended boo session.

But I was mildly surprised that there were moments of audible applause. Well, it turns out those claps came from Romney’s own posse of Black people.

Many of Romney’s claims were debunked by Senior Vice President for Advocacy and Policy and the Director of the Washington Bureau of the NAACP, Hilary Shelton who said that the only African Americans Romney met with after his speech were those that he brought with him. Mr. Shelton explained that Mitt Romney flew in his own African-American supporters who were not affiliated with the NAACP, in order to have some people in the crowd cheering for him. – VIA

Can’t you imagine Romney’s camp huddling up and saying “okay, if we bring in some Black people and scatter them across the crowd, NOBODY will notice. I can’t tell them apart, I bet they can’t either.” It’s like he thought the NAACP wouldn’t know who their own members were because, y’know, Black people.

Oh, Mitt, while you’re not exactly Herman Cain, you still are providing the Lulz.

However, if I can get serious for a moment, let me pontificate about what I think happened yesterday. Mitt Romney had no intention of winning Black voters over. He wanted a live video of himself being booed by the Black community in order to rally his more radically Right Wing (see: racist people) to give more money and support a man in an uphill battle against a President that has a whole race of people “blindly” following him. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, earns money like pissing Black people off does (see: how much money George Zimmerman has raised). Mitt absolutely got what he wanted out of all of this, which may be the saddest point of all.

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