Twerk Team’s Mizz TwerkSum Is The Last One Standing

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
05.10.15 46 Comments
Mizz TwerkSum lead


Before Miley Cyrus damn near played it out, twerking was God’s gifts to men and his angels were the Twerk Team. The Atlanta-based trio brought their ass-gyrating ways to YouTube and it helped a lot of brothers get through long days and lonely nights. Plus, they probably saved some saps from wasting their paychecks in strip clubs.

But that was over two years ago when their wave first started. Since then, one of the former, original members of the squad, Betty Butt, was gunned down last winter. Another, Lady Luscious, is currently out of the game with a baby on the way with Quality Control’s Rich The Kid.

Which leaves one, lone twerker – Mizz TwerkSum.

Don’t weep a single tear for shorty though. One trip to her Instagram shows she’s carrying the squad like James Harden, still shaking and making her ass clap at NASCAR speeds. Who knows how long she can keep her run going solo. While she’s still on though, we’ll be watching.

Scroll, press play and enjoy, former Nightcap fans.

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