MJG, Pastor Troy & Wooh Da Kid – “F*ck That” Video

04.12.13 5 years ago

MJG, Pastor Troy and Wooh Da Kid discuss immigration, gun control and foreign relations in “F*ck That.” It’s surprising, really. One would think the Pastor, being a pastor, would have uber-conservative views here, but he comes off as downright liberal here. And MJG’s take on North Korea? Incredible.

Layers of sarcasm aside, what we have here is some good old-fashioned crunk music. If you still find yourself throwing bows and getting kicked out of night clubs for being belligerent, hit play. If that describes your style circa 2005, you should still tune in for a good chuckle. And, of course, to support the Pastor, who seems to be rebounding from that court appearance on Judge Alex nicely.

Since it’s set in a gentleman’s club, the video’s slightly NSFW unless you and your co-workers always sit around watching women hold glasses with their asses while cognac is being poured into the cup. If so, knock yourself out.

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