Moby Gets Electrocuted On Stage & Collapses. Nobody Cares.

06.06.11 6 years ago 29 Comments

At a recent performance, musician Moby suffered a mild electric shock and collapsed. Sounds tragic, right? That’s because it is. My grandparents had an electric fence around a cow field. I got popped by that a few times in my younger days and even that small, quick surge is nothing nice. Not sure how many volts hit Moby, but I’d bet 20-1 odds it hurt like hellfire and there was enough of a jolt to send him spiraling to the floor.

But that’s not the worst part of the clip. The reactions of the people in attendance are hilariously f*cking foul. Instead of rushing to Moby’s aid, the throng continues snapping pics. Those who were already shooting rapidly increase their shutter-finger speed. Those who weren’t? They whip out their phones to snap pics!

Moby lays their motionless for almost 30 seconds before anyone even puts a hand on him, save the guy who casually moves the singer’s legs together. This is like the white people version of when K-Ci bit the dust on stage and no one did anything.

Moby actually gains a few cool points for casually handing off his guitar before tumbling down and, praise Jah, he recovered just fine. He later tweeted: “Thanks for coming to the acoustic show. I apologize for being electrocuted. Damn. Being electrocuted in the neck kind of hurts. Ah well, feeling much better. Glad it wasn’t worse. God bless Tesla.”

I wish I could embed the video but you’ll have to go here to watch it. Well worth the trip though, I promise.

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